English Grammar - Just for you

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          You are living in a highly competitive world. Unless you have sufficient knowledge of grammar and command over communication skills, it is difficult to have a bright career. It is useful for the beginners and also for those who take competitive examinations to secure jobs. I Have tried to write in a very simple way. It hope it will help you. How to develop knowledge of Grammar?


1.    Read the topic with concentration.

2.    Close the book and about what is said is in the topic / chapter. 

3.    Try to speak to your friend or somebody else about what you have understood. Take their feedback.

4.    Along with this, read English newspapers regularly, and mark the difficult words and use a dictionary to known their meaning and usage.

5.    Start talking to friends in simple English if they are willing and co-operative.

6.    Listen to English news on radio/mobile phone / TV.

7.    Buy and read simple English books which contain stories and plays.

8.    Don’t go to bed until you read two or three pages in a book or learn ten new words in English.

9.    Be regular in practicing the above said points.






1.       FundamentalPoints 

2.       Types ofsentences

3.       Parts of speech

4.       Verbs

5.       Tenses

6.       If conditional clauses

7.       Transformation of sentences

a)       Active voice and passive voice

b)      Direct and Indirect speech

c)       Degrees of comprehension

d)      Use of conjunctions

e)       Simple complex and compound sentences

f)       Use of Relative clauses

8.       Correction of sentences

9.     General comprehension passages

10.     Letter writing