The total number of voters in Andhra Pradesh is 4.08 crore. - ఏపీలోని మొత్తం ఓటర్లు 4.08 కోట్లు

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  1. రాష్ట్రంలోని ఓటర్ల సంఖ్య : 4,08,07,256
  2. 175 నియోజకవర్గాల్లో రిజర్వ్ స్థానాలు: లోక సభ (4 ఎస్సీ, ఒక ఎస్టీ), అసెంబ్లీ(29 ఎస్సీ, 7 ఎస్టీ)
  3. పురుష ఓటర్లు: 2 కోట్లకుపైగా 
  4. మహిళా ఓటర్లు: 2.07 కోట్లకుపైగా
  5. థర్డ్ జెండర్: 3,482
  6. సర్వీస్ ఓటర్లు: 67,434
  7. NRI: 7,603
  8. మహిళలతో నిర్వహించే పోలింగ్ స్టేషన్లు (PS):178
  9. యువతతో నిర్వహించే PSలు: 50 
  10. 555 ఆదర్శ PS.

Andhra Pradesh, a significant state in the southern part of India, holds a substantial electorate base with a total of 4.08 crore voters. The detailed breakdown of the voter demographics is as follows:

1. **Total Number of Voters**: The state boasts a robust democratic participation with 4,08,07,256 registered voters ready to exercise their franchise.

2. **Reserved Seats**: In its 175 constituencies, there are reserved seats for the Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) in both the Lok Sabha (4 SC and 1 ST) and the State Assembly (29 SC and 7 ST), ensuring representation for these communities.

3. **Gender-wise Voters**: The male voter population crosses the 2 crore mark, while female voters are slightly higher in number, totaling over 2.07 crore. This reflects a commendable gender balance in the electoral process.

4. **Third Gender Voters**: A smaller yet significant number of 3,482 voters belong to the third gender, highlighting the inclusive nature of Andhra Pradesh's electoral system.

5. **Service Voters**: There are 67,434 service voters who, despite their duties, have the provision to cast their vote, ensuring that their service to the nation does not impede their democratic right.

6. **NRI Voters**: The state also accommodates its global citizens with 7,603 Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) registered as voters, connecting them back to their homeland's political landscape.

7. **Women-manned Polling Stations**: With 178 polling stations entirely manned by women, Andhra Pradesh sets an example in empowering women in the electoral process.

8. **Youth Engagement**: To engage the youth in democracy, 50 polling stations are operated by young individuals who bring fresh energy and perspectives to the electoral proceedings.

9. **Ideal Polling Stations**: Lastly, there are 555 ideal polling stations that serve as benchmarks for others in terms of efficiency and voter experience.

This comprehensive voter setup not only ensures a smooth electoral process but also reflects the diverse and inclusive nature of Andhra Pradesh's democracy.