Maternity Leave, Abortion Leave to Female State Andhra Pradesh Govt Employees-Full Guide

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Guide to Maternity Leave, Abortion Leave, and Miscarriage Leave for Female State Government Employees in Andhra Pradesh. GO.152 Dated 4.5.2010.

According to the current regulations, married women employees of the Andhra Pradesh State are eligible for Maternity Leave (ML) for up to 180 days, similar to the employees of the Government of India. However, this leave is only available for up to 2 surviving children.

Maternity Leave is applicable to female State Government employees, while Abortion Leave is granted to AP State Government employees. Additionally, Miscarriage Leave is provided to State Government employees. The salary during the Maternity Leave period is also covered.

Maternity Leave (ML) can be combined with any other type of leave, but the continuation of leave must be supported by a medical certificate.

In case of illness of a newly born baby, Maternity Leave can be followed by regular leave, provided the female Government servant presents a medical certificate stating that the baby requires the mother's personal attention and her presence is necessary (GO.2391 Finance, Dated 3-9-1960).

Maternity Leave is granted to State Government employees for a period of 180 days, and it is not accounted for in the earned leave account.

This rule is applicable from the commencement date for a duration of 180 days in all cases (SR 1 under FR 101, G.O.Ms.No.384, Fin. & Plg. (FW.FR.I) Dept., Dt.05.11.1977, GO.152 Dated 4.5.2010).

Maternity leave can be taken in continuation with other types of leave (Ruling 2 under FR 101). However, the request for leave continuation must be supported by a medical certificate.