Plea in SC wants Kangana Ranaut’s social media remarks against Sikhs censored

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    A petition was moved in Supreme Court against actor Kangana Ranaut’s (right) outbursts against the Sikh community over protests against the now-repealed three
farm laws. The petitioner, Advocate Sardar Charanjeet Singh Chanderpal, sought directives from all social media companies to curtail or censor or delete Ranaut’s statements made against Sikhs, given the vast number of Sikhs in the farm laws protest.
    The petition filed under Article 32 of the Constitution sought directions to the center and states to transfer all FIRs on the actor’s derogatory statements against Sikhs to one police station, i.e. Khar Police Station, and to take appropriate preventive measures under Sections 149 to 151 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 read with Information Technology Act. The Mumbai Police had recently registered an FIR against the actor for her remarks demeaning Sikhs. 
    The controversy erupted when Ranaut posted a statement on Instagram where she likened the farmers to separatist Khalistani terrorists and reminded Sikhs of former prime minister Indira Gandhi. She said that Indira Gandhi had crushed them under her shoe despite paying for it with her own life. Ranaut had hailed Indira Gandhi for not letting secessionist elements divide and break up India.