What does it mean when someone is questioning? Wh-questions "What"

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what used to asking about a name, thing, action, activity, gather information, idea, etc.


What is your name? My name is Ramya.

What is this? This is a book.

What is your father? My father is a farmer.

What do you do? I am writing the story.

What do you want? I want Ice cream.

What is in the box? A watch in the box.

What is your hobby? My hobby is listening to music.

What is the weather like? It is cool.

What time is it? It is 4 o'clock.

What is the date today? Today is 1st December.

What does she look like? She is beautiful.

What do you do in your free time? I like reading and relaxing at home.

What is your favorite food? Idli and sambar is my favorite food.

What is your favorite visiting place? Tirumala.

What do you write? English story

What is your favorite mode of travel? Train

What is your favorite color? White

What is your favorite kind of music? Melodious songs

What kind of person is he? He's young and honesty.

What does he look like? He is smart and strong

What is your brother wearing? He's wearing a raincoat.

What day is your wedding anniversary? It's July 17th

What grade are you in? I am in 5th grade.

What is your teacher’s name? Manohar sir.

What is your favorite TV show? Jabardhast

What is your favorite song? Nee kaalla nala

What is your favorite drink? Tea

What kinds of books do you like to read? Novels

What are you? I am a student

What do cows give us milk

What do dogs like to chew on? bones

What do spiders build? web

What do we need when it rains? umbrella

What do we wear on our feet? shoes or socks

What do you do on Sunday? I play games on Sunday

What does a red light mean? stop

What is your father's/mother's/grandfather's/grandmother's/uncle's/friend's name?

What is your native place? My native place is Piler.

What types of clothes do we wear in summer? Cotton clothes

What are they doing? They are dancing.