What are the fundamental principles of corporate governance?

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The following are some of the fundamental principles of Corporate Governance

  1. CG represents a set of systems – structural, organizational, and process
  2. The crux of Corporate Governance is the separation of ownership from management
  3.  The Board of Directors should not confine itself to  statutory functions alone but also ensure direction and management
  4. Independence is the cornerstone of accountability and independent boards are essential
  5. Corporate Governance goes beyond regulations & laws
  6. Corporate Governance implies self-regulation
  7. The key pillars of Corporate Governance are disclosure and transparency
  8. Shareholders’ value will not only be retained but also be enhanced
  9. A sound Corporate Governance culture enforces better discipline upon corporate management
  10. Corporate Governance should ensure the societal well-being
  11. Corporate Governance is concerned with the values, vision, and visibility of the company.
  12. Corporate Governance is concerned with the balance between economic and social goals