Happy Friendship Day 2021: Top Wishes, Messages, Quotes and Images to share with your friends and family

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Friendship Quotes

To the world you 

may be just one 

person, but to me 

you are the world.

Promise me you’ll 

always remember: 

You’re braver than 

you believe, and 

stronger than you 

seem, and smarter 

than you think. 

If you live to be 100, 

I hope I live to be 

100 minus 1, so 

I never have to 

live without you. 

A friend is someone 

who understands 

our past, believes 

in your future, and 

accepts you just 

the way you are.

Truly great friends 

are hard to find, 

difficult to leave, 

and impossible 

to forget.

If all my friends 

were to jump off 

a bridge, I would 

not jump with 

them; I would be 

at the bottom to 

catch them.

A real friend is 

someone who walks 

in when the rest of 

the world walks out. 

A true friend is the 

best possession.

A true friend will 

see you through 

when others see that 

you are through.

Hold a good friend 

in both your hands.

Do not protect 

yourself by a 

fence, but rather 

by your friends.

A friend is one who 

believes in you 

when you have 

ceased to believe in 


Friends are born, 

not made.