RRB - RRC - Group D - General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams (Part -1)

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General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams

1.       World Cup Cricket 2023 Venue – India

2.       Headquarters of ISRO – Bengaluru

3.       Validity time of cheque‐ 3 Months

4.       National Science Day‐ Feb 28

5.       First Bank in India – Bank of Hindustan

6.       Percentage of Nitrogen in the air ‐ 78%

7.       First Olympic Games was held in – Athens, Greece.

8.       Which is the opponent team for the first test match of Sachin in 1989?‐ Pakistan

9.       What is the shortcut key to expanding browsing screen in a web browser?‐ F11

10.   Shimla Agreement took place in - 1972

11.   ASCII Stands For‐ American Standard Code for Information Interchange

12.   What gases can be found on Saturn? Hydrogen and Helium

13.   What is the process called in which Zinc Oxide is applied to metals to stop them from rusting? Galvanization

14.   DBMS full form? Database Management System

15.   Which fundamental right is guaranteed even to non‐citizens of India? Article 21 – Right to Life & Personal Liberty

16.   The Second Round Table Conference was conducted in which month of 1931? September

17.   Who was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize of Literature? Svetlana Alexievich

18.   How many Fundamental Duties we have in our constitution? 11

19.   Leucoderma (Safed Daag) treatment? Pseudocatalase

20.   Confucius award 2016 was given to? Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

21.   What is the full form of UNFCCC? United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

22.   Recently, the Delhi Police launched an app for women in The name of the app is –Himmat

23.   “Father of All India Services” – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

24.   Name of the operation that led to the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden – Operation Neptune Spear

25.   Who started the Home Rule Movement in India? Annie Besant

26.   Chenab, Jhelum are tributaries of which river? Indus

27.   Winner of Women’s Doubles Title at BNP Paribas Open Tournament in 2016‐ Sania Mirza & Martina Hingis

28.   Who is the only male in the National Women’s Commission? Alok Rawat

29.   Who came up with the concept of properties of elements repeating as a property of their atomic number, as is arranged in the periodic table? Dmitri Mendeleev

30.   Which organ removes nitrogenous compounds from the blood? Kidney

31.   Rocket launch pad – Sriharikota

32.   INS Vikrant was decommissioned in which year? 1997

33.   What is the study of soil called? Pedology

34.   In which year Aryabhatta was launched? 1975

35.   While raining a type of smell comes known as? Ozone

36.   Who is chairman of the human rights commission? HL Dattu

37.   What is the number of balls in snooker? 22

38.   Fastest century in a test cricket match? Brendon Mccullum

39.   Who is the president of the south Asian wrestling federation? Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh

40.   Delhi is made capital in which year? 1911

41.   World Vanya Prandi day? 6th October

42.   Pakistani cricket umpire which has been banned for 5 years? Asad Rauf

43.   The first animal domesticated by Neolithic people? Dog

44.   What is the full form of NSA? National Security Agency

45.   Who was first female Judge of High Court? Anna Chandy

46.   Which gas is filled in balloons? Helium

47.   Which Constitution Amendment was enacted by Indira Gandhi during the Emergency? 42nd Amendment

48.   Who holds the record for the Fastest Test Hundred? Brendon McCullum

49.   The President signed a proclamation under which article for imposing President’s A rule in Arunachal Pradesh? 356(1)

50.   Jeevan Raksha Padak has how many categories? 3 (Sarvottam Jeevan Raksha Padak, Uttam Jeevan Raksha Padak, and Jeevan Raksha Padak)

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