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1.     Reserve Bank of India act was passed in - 1934

2.     Reserve Bank of India was established on - April 1,1935

3.     The headquarters of RBI was initially established in - Kolkata

4.     The headquarters of RBI was permanently shifted to Mumbai in - 1937

5.     RBI was setup on the recommendation of  - Hilton Young Commission (1926)

6.     Hilton Young Commission was also known as  - Royal Commission

7.     The Bank known as Banker's Bank  - RBI

8.     The apex bank of India - RBI

9.     The Central bank of India  - RBI

10. The regulator of loans - RBI

11. The bank which is often referred as Mint Street - RBI

12. The Banking Ombudsman Scheme has been formulated by - RBI

13. The credit controller of India - RBI

14. The bank which represents India in- the IMF - RBI

15. RBI was nationalized on - January 1, 1949

16. Headquarters of RBI in Kerala - Thiruvananthapuram

17. The animal embossed on the emblem of Reserve Bank of India - Tiger

18. The tree embossed on the emblem of Reserve Bank of India - Palm Tree

19. First Governor of RBI  - Sir Osborne Smith

20. First Indian to become the Governor of RBI - C.D. Deshmukh


Important Science Question

1.     Fat soluble vitamins are - A, D, E, K

2.     Water soluble vitamins are - B, C

3.     Hemoglobin is compound - of protein

4.     Turpentine oil is found - in pine trees

5.     Used in making bread - yeast

6.     The unit of nervous system is called - neuron

7.     Amino acid found in human body - 22 types

8.     Passes genetic traits from parents to offspring - DNA

9.     The main function of protein synthesis in the body is - RNA

10. Synthesis of protein takes place in ribosome

11. Human blood contains hemoglobin in which iron is found

12. Hippocrates is called the father of medicine

13. Determination written in humans depends on the chromosomes of the male

14. Human body consists of water - about 65%

15. There are total bones in the human body - 206

16. Provides Carbohydrates and Fats to the Body - Energy

17. The volume of blood in a normal human is - 5-6 liters

18. The smallest bone in the human body is - stasis (ear)

19. The largest bone in the human body is – Femur (thigh)

20. Helps in the growth of the body - Protein

21. The largest gland of the body is - Liver

22. Heart beats in a minute - 72 times

23. The light sensitive organ inside the eye is – retina

24. In eye donation, the eye is removed from the provider's eye - the cornea

25. Time taken for blood circulation within the body - about 23 seconds

26. The hardest part of the body is on the teeth - Anakin

27. Red blood cells (RBC) are formed in the human body - in the bone marrow

28. Protects the body from foreign germs - White blood cells (WBC)

29. The part of the brain which regulates the temperature in the body - Hypothalamus

30. The world's largest marine mammal is - Blue whale

31. The world's largest terrestrial mammal is - African elephant

32. The biggest effort is - Ostrich egg

33. Normally the cell wall is made up of cellulose

34. The longest cell in the human body is the nervous system

35. The fastest running animal in the world is - Cheetah

36. The only venomous lizard is - Haloderma

37. The most venomous Pisces is - Stonemin

38. Combustion of organic matter in plants is done by phloem

39. The most abundant element in the body is - Carbon

40. Cell wall is non-living

41. Chloroplast is found only in plant cell

42. Meiosis takes place in the germ cell only

43. Red and brown algae are found in the sea

44. Aspergillus (fungus) is used in making cheese.

45. Ringworm disease in humans is caused by - Fungus

46. One gram of fat provides energy - 9 calories

47. Helps in the formation of antibodies - Proteins

48. Keeps the nerves healthy and regulates the heartbeat - Calcium

49. Pittaras comes out - from the liver

50. The blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the various organs are called – Artery

Father of Various fields

1.     Father of the Nation   Mahatma Gandhi

2.     Father of Modern India Raja Ram Mohan Roy

3.     Father of Linguistic Democracy Potti Sreeramulu

4.     Father of Constitution B.R Ambedkar

5.     Father of Modern Economics Mahadev Govind Ranade

6.     Father of Modern Economic Reforms Manmohan Singh

7.     Father of Nuclear/Atomic Program Homi J. Bhabha

8.     Father of Space Program   Vikram Sarabhai

9.     Father of Missile Program   A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

10. Father of Comic Books Anant Pai

11. Father of Geography James Rennell

12. Father of Cinema    Dadasaheb Phalke

13. Father of Peasant Movement   N. G. Ranga

14. Father of Paleobotany Birbal Sahni

15. Father of Blue Revolution   Hiralal Chaudhari

16. Father of Green Revolution   M. S. Swaminathan

17. Father of White Revolution   Verghese Kurien

18. Father of Veterinary Science Shalihotra

19. Father of Civil Aviation J. R. D. Tata

20. Father of Air Force Subroto Mukerjee

21. Father of Civil Engineering Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraiah

22. Father of Surgery Sushruta

23. Father of Microbiology Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek

24. Father of Modern Astronomy Nicolaus Copernicus

25. Father of Nuclear Physics  Ernest Rutherford

26. Father of Computer Science George Boole and Alan Turing

27. Father of Classification Carl linneaus

28. Father of Evolution Charles Darwin

29. Father of modern Olympic   Pierre De Coubertin

30. Father of Numbers   Pythagoras

31. Father of Genetics Gregor Mendel

32. Father of Internet Vint Cerf

33. Father of Botany   Theophrastus

34. Father of Electricity    Benjamin Franklin

35. Father of Electronics   Michael Faraday

36. Father of Television    Philo Farnsworth

37. Father of Nuclear Chemistry   Otto Hahn

38. Father of Periodic Table    Dmitri Mendeleev

39. Father of Geometry   Euclid

40. Father of Ayurveda    Dhanwantari

41. Father of Modern Medicine    Hippocrates

42. Father of Computer   Charles Babbage

43. Father of Astronomy    Copernicus

44. Father of Economics   Adam Smith

45. Father of Biology   Aristotle

46. Father of History   Herodotus

47. Father of Homeopathy   Heinemann

48. Father of Zoology   Aristotle

49. Father of Blood groups   Landsteiner

50. Father of Blood Circulation   William Harvey

51. Father of Bacteriology   Louis Paster


Computer Abbreviations (H, I, J & K)

1.     HDD -   Hard Disk Drive

2.     HFS -   Hierarchical File System

3.     HP -   Hewlett Packard

4.     HTML -   Hyper Text Markup Language

5.     HTTP -   Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

6.     IO -   Input Output

7.     IBM -   International Business Machines

8.     IC -   Integrated Circuit

9.     ICMP -   Internet Control Message Protocol

10. IDE -   Integrated Development Environment

11. IE -   Internet Explorer

12. IP -  Internet Protocol

13. IRC -    Internet Relay Chat

14. ISAPI -    Internet Server Application Program Interface

15. ISDN -    Integrated Services Digital Network

16. ISO -    International Standard Organization

17. ISP -    Internet Service Provider

18. IT -    Information Technology

19. ITPL -    Information Technology Park Limited

20. JCL -    Job Control Language

21. JDBC -    Java Data Base Connectivity

22. JPEG -    Joint Photographic Experts Group

23. JSP -   Java Server Pages

24. KB -    Kilo Bytes

25. KBPS -    Kilo Bytes Per Second