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  1. There is not a single three-legged animal on this earth.
  2. Children have a total of 100 vocal cords.
  3. Camel milk does not freeze.
  4. Cats spend about 66 per cent of their lives asleep.
  5. The first capital of America was New York.
  6. The first English dictionary was written in 1755.
  7. The hedgehog has about 30,000 hedgehogs.
  8. Pigeon bones weigh less than their feathers.
  9. Research has shown that pigeons can fly faster if they are drugged.
  10. Snakes have only one lung.
  11. The muscles in our eyes move a million times a day.
  12. Only 'kiwi' birds can detect odours in bird species.
  13. Healthy people exercise and their heartbeats up to 220 times per minute.
  14. The mosquito flutters its wings for a second.
  15. A mosquito bites a man more than 240 times in one night and sucks blood.
  16. The world's heaviest flying bird is the mute swan. It weighs 18 kg.
  17. 50% of the oxygen on earth comes from the Amazon jungle.
  18. In addition to two-time Nobel laureate Madame Curie, her husband Pierre Curie, daughter Irene Curie and son-in-law Frank Juliet also received the Nobel Prize.
  19. Monkeys also get bald like humans.
  20. We can inflate 1000 balloons with breathable air every day.
  21. Our eyes have the power to see almost 17,000 different colours.
  22. Switzerland is a country with many rivers.
  23. The scissors were invented by Leonardo da Vinci.