Benefits of SEO

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The following are SEO’s major benefits that you can enjoy if you use the right tactics.

1. SEO increase quality traffic

SEO follows an inbound marketing strategy, i.e. consumers can find you when they need you or when they want information about you. It does not annoy the customers by distracting them through spam emails or interruptive ads; it helps them access helpful or useful information more easily and when required. This increases the chances of transforming marketing messages into sales and leads. So the number of customers who are actually willing to make a purchase increase, therefore increasing traffic quality.

2. Unpaid ads in SEO

Once your website or a page has been created, there is no ongoing cost for attracting traffic to your page. You might need to update your page as per your page’s content within a month or few months, but once you have created your page, your spot in the search results is secured and free of charge.

3. Bypass Competition

Now a day’s SEO has gain popularity and is considered an important part of any marketing strategy. Optimized websites surely attract more customers than non-optimized ones. So if you are using SEO, then you are already a step ahead of your competitors.

4. User-friendly Websites

SEO help to create a user-friendly website easily, smoothly and at a faster rate. SEO is not only optimizing for Google or any other search engine, but it also improves user experience. Well, structured websites attract visitors more and force them to stay longer, increasing page views.

5. Better conversion rates

SEO optimize the websites; hence, they can easily surf and read and work properly on every device. Websites that are easy to navigate, read or understand attract more customers and increase their chance to convert into loyal customers and frequent visitors.

6. Build brand awareness

Getting higher ranks in search results increases brand awareness. When your website’s name appears on the first page of any major search engine, it builds the trust of your brand and increases the potential customers and enhances brand awareness.

7. Better cost management

SEO helps to reduce advertising costs. When your website’s ranking is high, you do not need to pay per click or advertise your website or page. Your website link will stay at a high position as long as the customers click on your search links.

8. SEO increases the visit of users to the physical store

After searching for your product online, customers are likely to visit the local shop or physical store. Therefore it increases the sales of physical stores also.

9. SEO increases brand credibility

Higher the ranking, higher the trust of the customers. Customers believe that as your page is on the top ranking, it proves your company is well established and has a good name in your respective industry, hence increasing your customers’ trust towards your brand and hence increasing credibility.

10. SEO creates a synergy of all marketing activities online

All the marketing strategies done online will increase the success of the website or page. Marketing activities like email, content marketing, blogging, social media marketing, e-commerce, web management, etc., would help enhance your ranking in your search engines’ search results.

11. SEO increases Social Media followers

As your brand awareness increases, the popularity of your brand or page on social media also increases hence followers on social platform increases leading to an increase in sales and fame.

12. SEO improves website speed

SEO optimizes your website and increases your website’s speed, which makes user interaction easier and less tiresome. Delay in loading time irritates the customer hence compels them to leave your website early. So SEO will reduce this and help to increase customer satisfaction.

13. The top-ranking provides 24/7 promotion

SEO works 24/7. It does not require rest. Your rankings do not vanish overnight. Your ranking increases daily on a day and night basis. It does not stop even for a second.

14. SEO is a long term marketing strategy

SEO is a long term process or strategy. It requires a minimum of 6 months to view optimal rankings. It takes time to increase the rank; similarly, moving down the ranking also takes time. Nothing happens overnight. There is less possibility to move down the ranking once you reach a high position.

15. SEO gain more clicks than PPC

Organic SEO receives more clicks than PPC. It gains 90% more clicks than paid advertisements because customers’ trust towards paid advertisements is comparatively less than on Google algorithm.

16. SEO is measurable

SEO is measurable. Conversions and source of conversions can be measured. The website rankings and organic traffic can also be measured. Using some tools, valuable keywords can be identified that can be important for your business.

17. SEO helps to break into new markets

SEO helps you to enter the new market. After optimizing your website, you can target another market or expand your market easily. Valuable keywords required to enter a new market can be used.